I bring a multi-disciplinary research approach, setting forth a new path to explore how social factors shape life for survivors of chronic disease.

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Lorraine T. Dean, ScD
Assistant Professor
John Hopkins University



Courses Dr. Dean Teaches

Foundations of Social Epidemiology

The influence of social context on behavior is well known, and forms the backbone for most health promotion interventions; we focus initially on how the social environment influences behavior, by shaping norms, reinforcing social control, providing environmental opportunity, and coping strategies.


2nd Term, In-Person: https://www.jhsph.edu/courses/course/24432/2017/340.666.60/foundations-of-social-epidemiology


4th Term, Online: https://www.jhsph.edu/courses/course/23047/2016/340.666.81/foundations-of-social-epidemiology

I definitely learned a lot from this class and it really changed the way now I think about epidemiology.

Foundations of Social Epidemiology Student

Methods for Assessing Power, Privilege,
and Public Health in the United States

Illness and health do not happen in a vacuum, nor are they distributed randomly throughout society – they are structured by power and privilege. What are the strengths and limitations of the methods used to study these forces and their impacts on health? How do these structures influence our interpretation of data and how does this translate to the real world? This service-learning course allows you to reflect on your own privilege as a scientist as you integrate social epidemiology concepts with quantitative epidemiological skills and apply them to a data-driven health project.



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This course was one of the best I have taken in the entirety of my academic career. I valued that it balanced lessons about methods with deep conversations around power and privilege.

Methods for Assessing Power, Privilege, and Public Health in the United States Student

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